I’m free!!

I quit my job at RIM just over a week ago. After two and a half years there, the days were starting to feel like I was pushing water uphill with a rake, so to speak. Nothing specific to RIM or the group I was in; the people were smart, the work challenging, the compensation good. It’s just the “nature of the beast” with a big company.

In case it’s not obvious, I much prefer startups. I’ve already done the “early employee at a startup” thing, and met with some success, so now I’m looking for the next level; to be at the founder/co-founder level. I don’t have anything concrete lined up yet, but I have been considering several opportunities over the past couple months. Unfortunately nothing exceptional stands out so far, so I’m just going to be patient.

In the meantime I’m keeping busy with some day-trading, brainstorming/prototyping ideas, catching up on piles of Toronto Life magazines, and getting used to a bit of the domestic life. Basically an unemployed bum, mooching off the ol’ spouse :).

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