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The second of what is slowly becoming a series…

Having a relationship with someone that works in a supermarket doesn’t come with the perks you might think. Check out this excerpt from our credit card transactions this month:

Credit card transaction excerpt

I think this is what people mean when they refer to “death by a thousand paper cuts”, or more accurately for this case, bankruptcy by a thousand small grocery purchases.

Last hoopla before turning 30… anyone still game?

So ends another successful cottage trip. There was much eating, golfing, and lounging to be had. It used to be an annual thing, but Calvin disappeared to HK last year, and even before that the fate of his family’s cottage was up in the air.

At the last one (in ’03), we devised a grandiose plan to go on a big group trip before we turned 30. This e-mail describes it:

Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 23:24:24 -0400
From: …
To: …
Subject: Last hoopla before turning 30

You are cordially invited to attend a luxury boat cruise to an
unknown, exotic location (Alaska probably doesn’t count) with your
fellow 29-year-old buddies in late May/early June 2008. Yes, this is
a serious invitation! And it would be great if everyone could go,
which is why this is being sent five years in advance.

After our last cottage trip ever (so sad!), the bunch of us got
misty-eyed and wanted to plan a future trip where we could do
something as a large group. Thus a cruise, where we can frolic on
land and sea and gorge ourselves to porky pigginess! It’s a chance
to sow your last wild oats before becoming middle-aged! Hopefully
in five years, most people will be out of debt and have at least
one week of vacation time to block off for this trip.

To encourage people to commit to this trip, we are asking for a
non-refundable deposit of $500. (Ha ha, oh great, now I sound like
I’m about to pull a scam.) We are planning to put all the money in
a bond or something similar so that we will have lots of pooled
cash to spend on the cruise and the daytrips. This means that if
you pull out, you’ll lose your money! Which is why you should make
sure that you can go! We have nominated Dave to be the treasurer
but if anyone else is interested in the job, let us know.

Just reply saying whether or not you are interested in going, and
you can reply all if you have any suggestions for the group. Thanks!

P.S. Spouses are welcome, but Dave and Bonnie have banned children
from this trip. Sorry! People with families will have to find

Suffice to say, nothing ever came of it. At the time we couldn’t really agree on a place to put the money, but in retrospect I should have just grabbed the bull by the horns and opened a joint trading account with someone. If we had put the money in an S&P/TSX60 index fund at the time like I was planning, we’d be up 50% by now (or 22% compounded annually).

Well there’s still 3 years… who’s up for it?

I’m a lazy, lazy monkey…

Having a relationship with a pharmacist doesn’t come with the perks you might think; Bonnie refuses to fill my prescriptions. Sigh, so much for the dream of IMing my symptoms to a doctor, who then phones in my prescription to the pharmacy, where it gets filled and magically comes home at the end of the day.