Some interesting observations about the value of underthings between the two genders.

Bonnie goads me every so often, saying that I should get rid of my “saggy whities” and get some proper underwear. In turn, I sometimes suggest that her decade-old bras have perhaps seen better days. But when we go shopping for our own respective underthings, we’re more than likely to exclaim something like, “XX dollars?! I can’t afford that, I’m so poor!“.

Then we turn around and buy things for each other, thinking nothing of it. $12 for a pair of boxers is a bit much, methinks, but she thinks that’s reasonable. Vice versa for a $25 bra. It’s all kind of odd if you ask me.

A side note… ladies, all those things that you’ve been throwing in the wash, flushing down the toilet, or chucking in the wastebasket? You’re throwing away pure gold! (Don’t click the link in a public place, it’s not “workplace friendly”. When you do click, check out the “Miscellaneous Items” and “Women’s Clothing” sections).

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