Multiple Choice!

Let’s say you’re at GoodLife, doing the standard weight machine circuit[1]. You just finished on the lat pulldown machine, and are setting up the shoulder press. Some guy goes up to the lat pulldown, turns to you and the ensuing conversation goes like this:

  • Are you just doing the circuit? (does a circular waving motion at the machines in the area)
  • Yup.
  • So you’re done with this one?
  • <nod>
  • Cool.

He then proceeds to quickly do maybe 6 reps on the machine and skidaddles, meaning he’s done before you’re even halfway done with the shoulder press. What’s the first thought that crosses your mind?

  1. What a nice guy, he would have waited and let me use the lat pulldown again if I wanted, even though he was done so quick.
  2. He was probably just trying to make conversation.
  3. Was that a pickup line?
  4. Crap, he wanted to know exactly how much longer I would be here so he could go break into my locker and steal or vandalize my car in the parking garage. I have 6 machines left, should I go to the change room and check? He could do a lot of damage in the time it takes me to finish these 6.
  5. Other (specify): ________________________________

Guess which one went through my mind?

[1] The circuit consists of about 15 weight machines that you’re supposed to follow in order, doing a single set on each one.

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