Saw Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman a couple weeks ago. It’s enjoyable, a lighthearted, mindless samurai action flick.

Littered throughout the movie there are these interesting “cutscenes” (for lack of a better term) where the extras are doing their thing to the beat of the quirky, instrumental soundtrack. For example, Zatoichi is walking along a dirt road, and there are three guys raking a field with hoes. They’re all raking to the beat of the various instruments though. If I were more musically inclined, I’d actually be able to describe it better. You’re probably better off seeing it for yourself. Here are some torrents if it’s not playing in your area.

The end of the movie also consists of an almost 2-minute scene with all the characters tap dancing in wooden Japanese shoes, which is again, kind of strange, but interesting to see.

Anyway, as we leave the theatre and are walking along Cumberland, these two guys are walking behind us, and one says to the other, “I love how all that percussive dancing is a… simile… for how one person’s actions don’t really mean anything.” Tim and I both turn to each other and exclaim, “WTF?“.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder whether there are thousands of unemployed general arts majors sitting in coffee shops around the city, spouting crap like that and patting each other on the back all day long. I can’t believe my hard earned tax dollars help subsidize people like this. Now you know why I’d never vote NDP, I don’t want to encourage them. I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than a lazy ass that mooches off others.

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  1. Russian CO-OP says:

    Listen to Steve White. Vote Green party!

    If 25 years ago I’d say that we would drink water from the bottles, then you’d think I’m crazy. Now, if I say we’ll be breathing air out of canisters in 25 years would you think I am crazy?