That’s not what I meant, really!

I work with the technical teams at both NetZero and AOL regularly[1], and it’s surprising how accurately the technical competence of each company’s staff reflect their own user base. NetZero’s team is hard core, whereas AOL’s is usually not on the ball.

Anyway, a guy at NetZero said something today that I didn’t think was accurate, but I consulted my good friend Google to make sure. I didn’t notice the double entendres until the last iteration in my choice of search terms:

  • dirty anon pages
  • dirty anonymous pages
  • dirty private anonymous pages

So all you site owners, don’t always assume the worst when you see search terms like these in your referrer logs. 😛

[1] Both companies use our technology for their accelerated dial-up solutions. NetZero here, AOL here.


  1. Russian CO-OP says:

    I miss SDI

  2. J says:

    what about sexy grannies?