Something for which I’ve never heard a satisfactory explanation…

I’m no prude, but damn. That is one spicy meatball.

Ever see that movie, Summer of Sam? John Leguizamo’s character is married to Mira Sorvino’s character, and he has this hangup where he’ll only shag her in the bedroom, with the lights off, and in the missionary position. Meanwhile, he’s off doing the nasty behind her back with any willing participant in all kinds of hardcore-porn-like ways. His explanation is something along the lines of wanting to keep her pure and unsullied. That’s an extreme example, but many (most? all?) males seem to have at least a little bit of this tendency. Take that Washingtonienne link up above. Bunch of married senators/politicians doing similar things.

A less extreme example a little closer to home. Bonnie sometimes plays this game where before we go out, she asks me to pick what she should wear. More often than not, I miss the mark. My natural inclination is invariably to pick something too conservative. I have to consciously try to pick something in the opposite direction in order to counter this tendency (which usually results in something equally inappropriate, but on the other side).

It’s not like I don’t appreciate when someone is dressed appropriately and looks good doing so. Like any warm-blooded male, my gaze lingers on girls that are easy on the eyes. So why, despite all of this, is it not my natural inclination to dress my girlfriend in this way when given the choice? I suppose you could chalk it up to an insecurity – something like, if she looks too nice, someone might steal her away from me, so I’d better make sure she looks frumpy whenever possible. Perhaps, but if that’s true then it must be something that’s pretty deeply engrained, like a bad reflex. I consciously know that it’s incorrect, yet it still happens.

Anyway, I’m not sure I had much of a point. I’ll just leave you with something I came across while reading other blogs about that Washingtonienne girl. Never heard this term before, but then again I’ve never been down with the cool kids. Funny nonetheless. Butterface.

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  1. Russian CO-OP says:

    “hardcore-porn-like ways” are pure!
    Boring sex is not pure…