Strangely naked people

Old news, but I just saw it mentioned on PvP. Some gal on TechTV took nekkid pictures of herself, then cropped out the naughty bits in an attempt to make something artsy-fartsy. Problem being that she used Photoshop, which saves thumbnails in the comment section of each JPEG file. If you just open, crop, then save, it doesn’t update the thumbnail, so the thumbnail still shows the uncropped version. More on it here.

Strange though, if you have every intention of cropping out your nekkidness, why would you leave yourself uncovered during the “photo shoot”. At least she had the good sense to wear a bottom.

Which sort of brings me to a question I’ve wondered about before. In the sex scenes of non-R-rated movies, there are always either strategically placed bedsheets, or the camera only focuses on parts from the neck up and the thigh down. Are the actors/actresses actually naked though? For example, I’ve heard of the costume designers for some movies being total purists. Meaning that if they’re filming a period piece, they’ll force the thespians to not only wear outer clothes from that era, but underthings as well.

All fine and good, but how far does it go? Does a purist director insist on nakedness during PG sex scenes? Penetration? ’cause you know, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally aside, an orgasm just isn’t the same if it’s faked. The camera knows.

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  1. Tim says:

    …to film scenes in bed with a fully naked Willis.

    “Boy, the conversations we had in preparation for that,” the Emmy nominated actor laughed, explaining that there he was stripping down for this latest role.

    So how did Perry avoid having an accidental Janet Jackson-type moment?

    “I had on what I call `half-Speedos,'” he admits. “And Bruce had a rather odd prosthetic. I named it Vivian.”

    – Matthew Perry, on the film of The Whole Ten Yards in today’s Toronto Star