First Post!

I haven’t really had a webpage for years. I think it’s understandable considering my lack of HTML and CSS skill. Couple that with just about zero artistic talent[1] and a reluctance to use sites like Diaryland and Xanga, and well, you get something like my last iteration. A page that’s not terribly interesting to look at, an age or two between entries, and for some reason each one turns out incredibly smug and condescending.

What makes this time any different? Plenty of canned PHP blog packages, complete with communities that develop themes and templates. Plop one on a webserver, do some minimal CSS tweaks, and you’re off. Yes, yes, only about this[2] much better than Diaryland, but hey. Went with a package called WordPress, and modified a retro b2 theme. <shrug> Whatever that means.

But why the blog? Living and working in Kitchener/Waterloo[3] means I end up seeing friends maybe on average once a month. Even when I do see them, they pretty much just get the highlight reel since the last time I saw them. The dailies are lost, mostly because I forget them, but also because they’re never really interesting in retrospect a month later.

So here we go.

[1] I only took visual arts in grade 9 because I have even less musical talent.
[2] Place thumb and index finger together on the hand of your choice.
[3] Which was originally supposed to be a temporary arrangement, but is no longer looking that way with each passing day.

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